On January 2, 2022 the “Most Stylish And Spirited I See You” (MS&S I.C.U) art campaign was launched with the support of an anonymous patron of the arts who has commissioned the printing of Recent Prints and Collages.

Each model in the portraits has participated in a spontaneous fashion shoot with Chicago nightlife photographer Baramesi who has shot over 16,000 sessions for a turn of the century tribute to the most stylish and spirited people.

This turn of the century tribute will feature all 16,000+ portraits as mounted prints during the City of Chicago’s highly celebrated 200th anniversary in the year 2037.

The MS&S I.C.U art campaign was created to give the public an opportunity to recognize these most stylish & spirited participants by anonymously commissioning fine art prints as "awards" that commemorate the select printed moments.

Participating models receive their "award" in the form of a museum-quality, hand-printed “artist’s proof”.

When the idea for this project was originally conceived in 2008, the thought was to give a hand-printed portrait to each of the models as a “thank you for your participation” gesture from the artist.

The instant and overwhelming participation made it easier to keep collaborating with stylish & spirited people up until 2020 when at 16k portraits, the pandemic brought everything to a standstill. At that point, a budget projection was made and the realization was made that it would take more than one person to make this all happen.

The goal of the MS&S I.C.U art campaign is to make this all happen by bringing the art supporting public in to anonymously sponsor the gifting of the 16,000 hand-printed portraits to all models in the collection.

Support the MS&S I.C.U art campaign:

Anonymous "Award" Sponsorship, $399 each

-includes printing, handling, and registered shipping of one portrait to model

-printing and 15-year image archival of the sponsored image for the turn of the century tastemaker portrait exhibition in 2037

-certificate of artist intentions

Model to Model Pay-it-forward,  $19 each

-handling and registered shipping of one portrait to model

-certificate of artist intentions

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