The video should start playing automatically.  If it doesn't, give the video about 5 minutes to load and start playing.  Technical support has been notified and is working to resolve glitches within the website.  

Editing of the photo sessions has been completed and Baramesi has created 146 private photo galleries to send, one for each of you.   As technical support works to resolve the website issues, please enjoy this video while it plays to the audio of "Perspective" by Julius the Mad Thinker.   (note: we do not own the audio in this video, we just love it).

Everyone who models for Baramesi gets a FREE, low resolution,  digital copy of their featured portrait.  If you see your picture and you like it please message Baramesi so he can send you a personalized email with your picture(s).  If you like your picture a lot you can purchase high-resolution prints or other photo products when you receive your email.   If you don't like your picture(s)  let him know that too so he can save time trying to send 146 individualized emails.  Personalized emails will be sent the week starting December 26.

P.S.  If this video did not play automatically for you please send  Baramesi a message so he can forward that to tech support and hopefully speed up the resolution if enough messages are forwarded to technical support.  Thank you all for your patience and for being fabulous.

Autumn 2021

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