On January 2, 2022 the “Most Stylish And Spirited I See You” (MS&S I.C.U) art campaign was launched with the support of an anonymous patron of the arts who has commissioned the printing of all the portraits in this gallery. 

The MS&S I.C.U art campaign was created to give the public an opportunity to recognize the most stylish & spirited people by anonymously commissioning fine art prints as "awards" that commemorate select moments. 

Each model has participated in a spontaneous fashion shoot with Chicago nightlife photographer Baramesi who has shot over 16,000 sessions for this collection.

Participating models receive their "award" in the form of a museum-quality, hand-printed  “‘artist’s proof”.

One goal of the MS&S I.C.U art campaign is to gift each model in the collection their hand-printed portrait and to mount future public exhibitions of the prints.

Portraits are printed on acid-free cotton paper using the 19th century Van Dyke brown photographic process.

Dimensions: 33.02cm X 33.02cm

Support the MS&S I.C.U art campaign today!

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