The Chicago Wall is a tribute to Chicago's turn of the century tastemakers. As envisioned, the Wall features at least one picture of every event and portrait session that has been chronicled for a turn of the century time capsule from 1996 through 2014. The completed Wall will include over 13,000 images and is made up of approximately 10,000 portraits and 3,000 events. Each image in the Wall is personalized with information about the person(s) and/or events featured. 

The Chicago Wall is a construct by nightlife historian and fine art photographer Baramesi. So far, one picture from each of the last  2,000+ events and 10,000 portrait sessions have been selected for the wall. As conceptualized, at least .1% of Chicago‚Äôs total population is featured in the Wall as turn of the century tastemakers. The images in The Chicago Wall are being hand printed using an archival 19th century silver nitrate based photographic process. At more than 1,500 linear feet, this will be the largest photographic installation of its kind.  Each printed image displayed side by side will be taller than  Chicago's Sears Tower (now Willis Tower).

chicago wall vs sears tower
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